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  • IFAC announces CPA Ireland and the Association of National Accountants of Nigeria Partnership to Focus on Accountancy Training, Examination Systems

    Press release by IFAC - CPA Ireland and the Association of National Accountants of Nigeria Partnership to Focus on Accountancy Training, Examination Systems

    The International Federation of Accountants® (IFAC®) today announced the selection of Certified Public Accountants Ireland (CPA Ireland) to partner with the Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN) and its training arm, the Nigerian College of Accountancy (NCA), to review and strengthen its study materials and examination processes. Read More

  • Major tax reform legislation during the Trump administration

    American Institute of CPAs president and CEO is expecting Washington to pass major tax reform legislation during the Trump administration, and some Democrats may even cross the aisle to help Republican lawmakers enact it.

    Speaking Tuesday in New York at a meeting of the Accountants Club of America, Melancon gave his predictions for tax reform and addressed a wide range of other topics of interest to CPAs.

    Melancon acknowledged that nobody knows exactly what’s going to happen with tax reform in the political process. “There are some pretty interesting provisions that are being debated, and I think they will have huge ramifications to anybody that’s in the planning area and the tax area,” he said.

    Read more at: http://www.accountingtoday.com/news/aicpa-ceo-melancon-anticipates-major-tax-reforms?feed=00000158-20c2-d6a2-adfb-70eb85460000

  • Davos initiatives: 'responsive and responsible leadership' addressing the trust deficit (By Richard Howitt, chief executive officer of the International Integrated Reporting Council)

    The official title of the World Economic Forum this year may have been 'responsive and responsible leadership'. But all the talk was of how business can respond to the challenge from the growing loss of trust, anti-globalisation sentiment and its political consequences.

    There was a stout defence of the Paris climate change agreement and against any prospect of a trade war in the main forum, in the light of some of those political consequences.

    But for the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC), it reinforced the belief that the current corporate reporting system has to change, if the growing trust deficit is to be reversed.

    This was summed up by PwC global chair Dennis Nally who said this week: "CEOs haven’t yet mastered how to measure the long-term success that comes from being a trusted company and good corporate citizen." Read More

  • One rule for the rich and another for everyone else”, Public Accounts Committee (British Parliament)accused HMRC

    HM Revenue and Customs’ failure to get tough with Britain’s richest individuals is undermining confidence in the whole tax system, MPs have warned.

    In a scathing report, the Commons Public Accounts Committee accused HMRC of creating the impression in its dealings with taxpayers there was “one rule for the rich and another for everyone else”.

    Since HMRC set up a specialist unit for dealing with “high net worth individuals” in 2009, the amount of income tax they paid had fallen by £1 billion – even though income tax receipts from the public as a whole rose by £23 billion over the same period. Read More

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