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Taking Charge of your Business

The Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Sri Lanka with the help of CPA Ireland is committed to improving business performance in the SME sector and in supporting the role of the CPA as trusted business adviser. One of the findings of the recent CPA Ireland Report on Entrepreneurship was the increasing need for management training and development.

In response to this requirement, CPA Ireland has compiled a series of webinars from a panel of experts providing unique insight to business owners. The short twenty minute presentations are free to access and cover a variety of topics including Cash Flow Management, Recruitment, Marketing, HR and Risk. CPA Ireland will continue to add to this resource in future. CPA Ireland has made available these invaluable information to members of CPA Sri lanka.

Seminars may be accessed via the list below:

01. Finance
See more at: http://www.cpaireland.ie/your-business/taking-charge-of-your-business/finance

02. Health and Safety
See more at: http://www.cpaireland.ie/your-business/taking-charge-of-your-business/human-resources

03. Human Resources
See more at: http://www.cpaireland.ie/your-business/taking-charge-of-your-business/human-resources

04. Marketing and Sales
See more at: http://www.cpaireland.ie/your-business/taking-charge-of-your-business/marketing-and-sales

05. Risk
See more at: http://www.cpaireland.ie/your-business/taking-charge-of-your-business/risk

06. Tax
See more at: http://www.cpaireland.ie/your-business/taking-charge-of-your-business/tax

07. Technology
See more at: http://www.cpaireland.ie/your-business/taking-charge-of-your-business/technology

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