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Frequently Asked Questions About Studying with CPA Sri Lanka

I would like to study CPA. What do I do next?

We would be delighted to welcome you as a CPA student. First you must confirm your exemptions with us. Send in your transcripts from any prior education (degree, diploma, certificate, accounting technician qualification etc) and we will then confirm what CPA exams you must sit.

You can download the CPA registration form, complete and return to CPA Sri Lanka, along with two passport sized photos, original transcripts and relevant fees. Make sure that all sections of the registration form has been completed. We require an original signature so please post back to CPA Sri Lanka, 126 Kirula Road, Colombo 05, Sri Lanka.

Is there somebody I can speak to?

Yes of course. If you wish to chat through your options prior to filling out the registration form, contact Mr H B Musafer / Thamali Mallawaarachi on (011) 2368817 or email admissions@icpasrilanka.com / info@icpasrilanka.com

Why should I choose CPA over other professional accountancy qualifications?

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is the title of qualified professional accountants in the majority of countries in the world and signifies the accounting profession’s highest standard of competence, a symbol of achievement and assurance of quality. The Institute of Certified Public Accountants is the leading name in the accountancy profession globally including USA., Canada, Australia, China, Japan, Ireland, New Zealand, throughout Middle East and many other countries in the world.

The CPA designation is the most widely used designation worldwide for professional accountants and enjoys wide international recognition. CPAs are sought after by employers of local and international organisations across all industries. They work in diverse roles across commerce and industry, academia, public sector and public practice. By undertaking and completing the CPA exams and training, we offer you the opportunity to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and gain a professional accountancy qualification. As well as opening the door to a diverse and worthwhile career, the CPA qualification also offers:

  • Flexible study options with part-time, full-time, weekend, distance and e- learning programmes
  • Flexible exam and training systems
  • The option to split P1 and P2 level exams over 4 consecutive exam sittings
  • The option to split F1 and F2 level exams over 4 consecutive exam sittings
  • Freedom to move between practice and industry during training
  • A qualification that has wide international recognition

During training CPA students do not have to commit to a training contract with one employer, allowing flexibility and freedom to move around during training. CPA students can also put relevant work experience towards training requirements and do not need to be in relevant employment when starting exams. In the current climate there is a definite demand for contract staff. Any relevant contract work undertaken will be considered part of CPA required training as long as the work is signed off by a qualified accountant.

Contact admissions@icpasrilanka.com / info@icpasrilanka.com
Where can CPAs train?

CPA has a few Approved Employers. You do not have to train with a CPA Approved Employer to obtain relevant training but you must work under the supervision of a fully qualified accountant.

Who is eligible to study CPA?

Graduates (with either relevant or non relevant degrees), post graduates, accounting technician students, mature students and school leavers with 'O' & 'A' Levels want to study CPA but not sure if you are eligible? Speak to Student Counsellor on 011 2368817 or admissions@icpasrilanka.com / info@icpasrilanka.com

Can I claim exemptions?

Click here to view possible exemptions you may be entitled to. If you do not find what you are looking for please contact the Institute directly at admissions@icpasrilanka.com / info@icpasrilanka.com

Can I change from studying with another professional body to CPA?

Yes of course you can. Regardless of what stage you are at in your professional exams you can switch over to studying CPA. Find out what exemptions you will be granted please forward a copy of your official exam results from your Institute. We shall let you know your status immediately.

I have just completed my Accounting Technicians (AAT) qualification. I would like to continue on to become a fully qualified accountant. What exemptions does CPA Sri Lanka offer?

Find out what exemptions are granted to the AAT exams. If you would like to scan and email through a copy of your official results from your AAT exams we can give you an accurate view of where you stand.

What are CPAs’ training requirements?

Students must obtain 3 years relevant supervised training and complete all examinations (excluding any exemptions) to apply for CPA membership. Students are also required to submit a Training Record on an annual basis.

Can I get credit for prior work experience?

Yes, prior relevant training or experience will be considered. Conditions may apply and it will be necessary to detail your prior experience and have it signed by a qualified accountant. Find out more about the training and competence development requirements (http://www.cpaireland.ie/students/training).

Where can I attend classes?

CPA offers students flexible study options. CPA students can choose to study part-time, full-time, weekend, distance and e-learning programmes, or any combination of these. CPA Sri Lanka provides tuition for all sections of the programme leading to CPA.

Can I study on-line?

Yes, there is a CPA E-Learning programme (http://www.cpaireland.ie/study-cpa/study/cpa-e-learning) available to students. CPA E-Learning is provided by Griffith College Dublin. eLearning is a very well supported learning package. You will have access to filmed lectures that you can watch at your leisure. These lectures are available to you right throughout your studies. You will also have manuals for each subject you are studying and a tutor. The tutor is there to support you throughout your studies. You will have homework and assignments to complete which will show both you and the tutor that you are progressing through your studies comfortably and confidently. Revision courses would also be included. Find out the advantages of studying with e-learning (http://www.cpaireland.ie/study-cpa/study/advantages-of-e-learning).

How many examinations are there?

There are 17 exams in total. The majority of students do not have to sit all 15 exams as they are entitled to exemptions.

  • Formation 1 5 papers
  • Formation 2 4 papers
  • Professional 1 4 papers
  • Professional 2 4 papers

Again we would recommend that you check your exemption entitlement to know how many examinations you will need to sit.
I have been working in an accountancy related roles for a while but do not have any recognised qualifications. Is there a course that I can take?

The CPA Ireland Certificate in Business and Accounting (http://www.cpaireland.ie/study-cpa/cpa-certificate-in-business-and-accounting) offers a comprehensive introduction to the concepts and practices of business management, with an emphasis on accounting. This course is aimed at students beginning their studies or career in business, or employees who wish to formalise their learning in the workplace.

What can I do after the Certificate in Business and Accounting?

Students who successfully complete the certificate programme can progress to further accounting studies through exemption from the first stage of the four stage programme of study and training to become a fully qualified CPA accountant. For more information click here.

Are the Certificate exams online?

Online assessments take place in December and May each year in Griffith College. Students can register for these examinations by contacting Griffith College directly by email: cpa@gcd.ie or by telephone on +353 1 4150473. Please note the closing deadline for the December examinations is Tuesday 10 December.

What are the fees?

Find out more information on the fees for the CPA qualification. Fees vary per student depending on the number of exemptions, that stage of the qualification and the choice of educator.

How many exam attempts am I allowed?

Every student has four consecutive attempts at each stage of exams. There are two exam sittings each year.

What are my career prospects when I am fully qualified?

The CPA qualification opens up a world of opportunities. You can work in private, public sector or practice across a variety of different sectors. CPA members work at every level of the business from entrepreneurs and business owners to consultant roles and accountants assistants. The CPA qualification allows you to travel and work abroad through our international agreements with other accountancy bodies around the world.

Take a look at what some of our members are doing. Have a look at our Careers Section or our Job Searchsection to find out more about a career as a professional accountant. Any other questions? Please email to: cpasrilanka@sltnet.lk / admissions@icpasrilanka.com / info@icpasrilanka.com

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