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The CPA Approved Employer Programme (AEP) has been designed to work with employers to develop their trainees into professional accountants. The structured programme provides them with knowledge across key areas of accounting and finance. The mentor and trainee work together to develop an effective career management strategy, share an experienced professional's expertise and develop soft skills in such areas as communication, negotiation and people management.

The programme benefits student and mentor alike as the structured nature of the programme optimises the return on investment for the organisation’s trainee programme, determines key performance indicators for the trainee, and on a personal level, allows the mentor the opportunity to share expertise and assist in the career and personal development of another professional. For the student there is the reassurance that the training they undertake is approved and monitored by the Institute’s stringent code of practice and for the employer it is acknowledgement of their best practice in training and development and brands them an employer of choice to both incoming students and qualified CPAs.

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