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The following information available from CPA Ireland would be helpful to CPA approved employers:

1. The role of the mentor See more at: http://www.cpaireland.ie/employers/employer-resources/the-role-of-the-mentor

2. Conducting an appraisal review See more at: http://www.cpaireland.ie/employers/employer-resources/conducting-an-appraisal-review

3. Setting performance objective See more at: http://www.cpaireland.ie/employers/employer-resources/setting-performance-objectives

4. Employer feedback See more at: http://www.cpaireland.ie/employers/employer-resources/employer-feedback

Please refer to CPA Ireland Advice Guides for everything you need to know when looking for jobs and furthering your professional career. - See more at: http://www.cpaireland.ie/careers/careers-resource/advice-guides

If you have any query or clarification please contact: H B Musafer on (011) 2368817