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Message from D Jayasinghe - CEO

As you are about to make one of the most important and difficult decision of your life so far, you need to have the best information about all the options available to you. This website attempts to give you some idea of the professional accountancy programme offered by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

ICPA is committed, by developing curricula that is adaptable to the changing demands of the market to training the country’s human resources to suit the present day employment needs and aims to improve access to higher education. It opens up opportunities to:

  • school leavers who have completed their school education but are unable to proceed further to gain a recognised qualification,
  • unemployed to obtain employment by offering avenues to advance their knowledge, skills and capabilities to compete effectively in the job market and
  • employed to boost their performance capacities to meet the demands of their employers by enhancing their potentials.

Whilst the focus of the programme is obviously in the fields of accounting and finance, the curriculum is sufficiently broad-based to allow development of careers in many other areas of business, commerce and the public sector. A special emphasis is placed on the development of the skills necessary to succeed in the modern business environment: these include computing, interpersonal, research and analytical skills. These are introduced from the outset of Foundation Level and then developed through the rest of the course.

It endeavours to provide its members with an internationally reputed and recognised qualification, equal to the best international standard, and to develop the accountancy profession in Sri Lanka to keep pace with accountancy professions throughout the world in accordance with the highest technical and ethical standards.

Whilst this website provides you with some information regarding the course, it cannot answer all your questions. If you need further information or advice please do call at the Institute. You will find a warm welcome when you come to see us, and all the help you need to meet your individual requirement.