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Exemptions from certain CPA examinations may be considered on the basis of your relevant previous qualifications and experience. The exemption policy exists to ensure that the point of entry for each member is reflective of their level of knowledge and skills and to prevent repetition of areas with which members are already familiar. It should be noted, however, that exemptions are not automatically granted to members, and supporting information is required to be successful in such applications.

The CPA programme comprises 17 examinations, made up of a formation level and a professional level, and a fully integrated practical experience requirement. Your entry point into CPA Program will be determined by an individual assessment of your prior education and experience. All exemptions are granted on a subject-by-subject basis to applicants holding a qualification recognised by CPA Sri Lanka for exemption purposes. A pass mark must have been achieved in the assessment of the relevant subject. Passes by compensation are not eligible.

For a guide on what exemptions you may be eligible for, please click the relevant link below

  • Colleges/Universities
  • Professional Bodies
  • Accounting Technicians
  • Mature Students
  • School Leavers

To confirm what exemptions you are eligible for, send your exam result transcripts to cpasrilanka@sltnet.lk / admissions@icpasrilanka.com / info@icpasrilanka.com or call CPA Sri Lanka by phone (011) 2368817/2368823